Nw Consults – Nurturing your financial well-being
Now a days financial planning has become one of the essential part of life due to complexities and uncertain ty around the world. There has been a sharp rise in the expenses of daily needs(Inflation) in the last decade though our incomes has also increased. But the important thing is how much we are able to save ? It is said that Indians save around 30% - 35 % of their income. It is fine but how much of them really go for investment and create wealth . Putting money in FDs, Insurance policies doesnt count into investment because their (post tax) returns are even lessor than the Inflation.Even interest rates in India are on the declining verge. This is because as the economy develops interest rates starts declining. At the same time personal finance is a concept which every one of us should be aware of . It means that every individual has different needs of money at different stages of life. Equities are the solution to beat the inflation in the longer run and wealth Creation. It has been seen in India that investors staying invested for 10 years and more got more than 15 % p.a. returns. Personal finance looks after How much life Insurance should one have? How much Health Insurance should one have? Which are the financial Products available to cater to the short term needs? Which are the financial Products available in the market to cater to the Long term needs? Whether the Products are Tax efficient or not?

"Earlier I use to trade in Equities and also Invest in Equity Mutual funds for the short term gains. But after meeting Mr. Neeraj Wagh I got to under stand the benefits of Long term Investments in Equity Mutual funds and Wealth Creation which reflects in my portfolio. He also made me aware of Debt funds. Some of my money is parked there for my short term needs."


"I used to put money in PPF & Lic only for the long term. But Neeraj Wagh @ N W Consults made me aware about the down trend of Interest rates in India and the Inflation. His timely advise has helped me in my Retirement Plan via SIP in Mutual funds."